about us


Figueroa Valenzuela is a law firm established in 1958 to which a number of attorneys with careers in academia, the court and public service have been connected. Throughout its history, other prestigious law firms with different degrees of specialization have arisen from its doors.
Since its establishment, the firm has developed an extensive practice in different areas of law, with the required interdisciplinary teams which allow it to respond with efficiency and promptitude to the challenges of a fast growing global society.

our philosophy


Since its foundation and thanks to the wide experience and competence of our lawyers, Figueroa Valenzuela has always provided high standard legal services to its clients. We are built on client-focused commitment and dedication, according to the requirements of a globalized world and always at a fair cost.


We want to continue improving the quality and opportunity of our legal services, wherever they might be needed, and developing long term relationships with our domestic and foreign clients.


Excellence of our services
Confidence as link to our clients
High ethical standards
Study and continuous training of our lawyers